Friday, January 15, 2010


Yesterday I was told to stay at home so that I would be here when my two birthday gifts arrived (in 2 separate packages). I sat by the front door all day... yes... literally, so no work got actually done yesterday, except cutting out one pair of little explorer pants for Olly. LOL!!

Anyway, so to my surprise the first gift arrived, I had  been told to be very careful when opening this one as it is delecate, so it arrived, and I opened it.... inside was this....

Clock made my my sister Carmel. Photos are of me, my partner and my kids. This will take pride of place on the wall above my sewing machines :-) what a talented sister I have.

I then waited once again (and very impatiently) for the second package. It actually looked like it wasnt going to arrive. I was about to leave my post next to the door and I saw a little Toll van drive into my driveway. I got incredibly excited, ran outside and almost mauled the driver!!

I was really really hopeing it was going to be an embroidery machine... wishful thinking I know, but a girl can dream!!! right?? Anyway, so I opened up the package and RIPPED out the invoice sitting in the top of the box and sure enough my mother had purchased me a new LAPTOP!! replacement for my old one which carked it a few months back!! fantastic new piece of equipment!! and means I can have my own special computer for my business which is great, I can keep all the **lovely things my partner downloads** off it!!!

Lots of squealing and phonecalls followed the arrival and consequent opening of the laptop and I now have it set up with some of my files on it. I just have to transfer a few from the desktop and Im set!!

a picture of my lovely new acer computer. has a built in webcam and lots of lovely HD features. Im just happy to have my own computer again!!

I feel soooo spoiled!!!!!

Amy xo

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