Friday, January 8, 2010

Some sewing...

As I said, I bought the Make it Perfect Little Explorer Pattern while I was away for Christmas. I was so excited to use my new pattern (and fabrics) so I made up a little pair of the overalls for my nephew. I will make another pair for Olly soon. Apparently I am getting more fabric for my birthday :D

little explorer overalls
Pattern: Little Explorer by Make it Perfect
Size: 1
Fabric: Ivory Cotton Drill & Michael Miller Print (I think...)

Ive also been doing alot more prep for the Markets that I have coming up. So Ive been making some larger, pop over style bibs. I think they are just drool worthy and hope they sell really well so I can make more!!!

WeePantz Pop Over Bibs
Size: OSFA
Pattern: My own measurements
Fabric: 100%cotton prints (from Spotlight mainly), Terry Towelling backing & cotton Ribbing

I have also been doing some unpicking today. I LOATHE UNPICKING It is the bane of my existence. But, alas, once its done its done, so I attempt to stick to it. Funny all the "other" things I can think of to do rather than sewing and crafting when unpicking has to be done. I think my washing has never been more up-to-date!!!!!!

Anyway, yes the blog was another unpicking procrastination... :P I will get back to it... why on earth dont they invent an electric unpicker? perhaps I need to teach DD how to do it!! HEEEEE HEEEE

Amy xo

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Beetlehouse Designs said...

Gorgeous overalls Amy. I love them


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