Friday, December 11, 2009

Advent Blog-A-Long #11 (updated with Photos!

Fancy that! Its Friday already, and only 2 weeks until that day... yes CHRISTMAS is coming!! Ruth tells me every day that its nearly time for Christmas and Santa will be coming and oh we have the most beautiful Christmas tree in the whole wide world!

Last night I went to my gorgeous little girl's first ever christmas concert at kindergarten. I was a little teary, and my little show pony was the star of the show as per usual with all of the other parents commenting afterwards on how sweet it was that she danced and sang more than the other children. Apparently she is due for an oscar in 25 years' time! so watch out Julia Roberts!! :P

Anyway... so I will update with photos tomorrow as the little star is awaiting her mother to come and read Dumbo to her. I read a few pages of a book every night, last week was Tarzan this week is Dumbo... Who knows what will be next week... I hope Santa brings her something to read cos Im all out of new books!!!!!!

Happy reading and I will catch you all tomorrow!!

wash your face with orange juice...

nawwww so cute!!!!

Amy xo

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