Monday, December 7, 2009


Ahh and the time has come to draw the winners of my giveaway day prizes! I tallied up the entries in  the boy/girl categories for ease of drawin the winner...

Min = 1 Max = 91 Random No. = 47

And the winner is....

That dress would be perfect for my little girl :)

My daughter is 26 months, and yesterday while we were in the middle of another long potty sitting session she leaned forward and whispered to me. "I know secret of the Christmas Tree". I had no clue what she was talking about, so I asked her "What is the secret of the Christmas Tree?". She dropped her voice even lower and replied "presents".

Mn = 1 Max = 27 Random No. = 21

And the winner is...

Perfect! My little boy always loves new nappies. :)

This week the funniest thing that happened was that my son learned how to cry when he doesn't mean it. (Well, perhaps that's not particularly funny, but it has us laughing--as an alternative to crying--quite a lot!)
Thanks so much to everyone who entered! I will contact both of the winners shortly to see where you would like me to send your prize!!!
Amy xo

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