Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent Blog-A-Long Day 15

Yeah... so I missed a few days over the weekend!! I have a good cause, and that is because I was sewing! Thats a good excuse right?!?! Anyway.. so I made 13 dresses on sunday its battlestations getting ready for the market on Sunday this week. Im hopeing it will be worth all my effort :D

Yesterday however I spent some time sewing a gift for my mother in law. This will be her christmas gift, and I really hope she loves it!!

I am so very very proud of myself with this one. the front panel is all hand embroidered and its the first time Ive done so much hand embroidery on one piece. Im definately addicted to hand stitching now!!

The pattern was in the November issue of Handmade Magazine and is by strath sewing and quilting.

So yes... I just have to put in the cushion and thats another present down!

I am now officially addicted to hand stitching and my next planned project (after christmas) is a hexagon hand pieced sewing bag that I found in a book I borrowed from the library. I might even take away my stitching on holiday when we go on boxing day!!


Skipper said...

That's so lovely!!! Your MIL will love it!!

I'll be taking some stitching along too when I go away for a WHOLE WEEK after xmas. :)

Too bad I can't take my sewing machine. :P

Miss Amy said...

haha! I feel exactly the same way!!!


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