Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Blog Along #1 December 1st...

Deck the halls and all that Jazz! Thought I'd play along with some fun blogging this holidays and get into the Advent Christmas Spirit for once!!

We havent put up the tree yet, and the only crafting going on around here is Market prep!! I also have been doing a bit of Christmas sewing and have completed 3 of 4 crayon rolls which I will share when I have photographed them.

On my doorstep today... arrived.... A PACKAGE!! I have no idea if I'm allowed to open it or not as I am awaiting some normal packages as well as some swap stuff!! haha!!! So no idea if Im allowed to have a peek inside the packaging to find out... LOL!!!

It is also my lovely sister Carmie's birthday today. Happy 27th (old) lady!!!!! haha she's beautiful and no 27 isnt really old, just feels so far away... :-p and of course I am super cheeky!!!

TOMORROW is giveaway day!!! So I will probably put the post for that up LATE tonight so I dont forget to tomorrow morning... So stay tuned for what you might win!!

That is all for now... until later.. all i have is this small token of bragging...

How beautiful are my son's eyelashes!! Sooooo beautiful!!!! Makes ME jealous!!!

Amy xo


Skipper said...

Open! Open! Open! Open!


Never mind your boy eyelashes, look at his skin!! So pure and soft looking! A true cherub!

xx Skipper

Miss Amy said...

Yeah both of my kids have inherited my great grandmother's peachy cream skin tone. Im so jealous, too many teenage days sunbaking means I'm pretty blotchy!!


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