Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Little Trip to Wandi...

We decided to head up to Wandilligong for Easter to spend some time with Mick's family for the weekend. It was a lovely time very relaxing! I didnt get much of my knitting done between heading into Bright and going to the Wandi Pub to watch the bands play. I was coaxed into performing one night, but I must admit, it was fairly crap by my standards... Its been so long since Ive performed Im a little out of practice!! Here are my favourite pictures which I snapped while we were away.

Rosemary just has the most beautiful garden I have ever seen, she spends so much time maintaining it! This is a pic of Ruth walking through the archway up to 'the bus stop' at the top of the hill...

Oliver eating a Rose in the walker. He loved this walker the first day, probably because we were giving him things like Roses to eat. After that he wasnt really into it. But yes, apparently granny's roses are very tasty, he ate a few.

Mick thinking that Im the best girlfriend in the world. I thought I was buying the regular version of Zoo. Apparently not, this is like the porn version (well its softcore porn, no interesting articles at all!!)... whoops!! I do think I spotted him showing Olly some of the girls in bikinis...

Ruth had a wonderful time on Easter Sunday, the easter bunny hid a whole lot of eggs in the garden so She went racing around finding them, kept her (and daddy Mick) busy for quite a while!!

Off to Queensland tonight, we will be having an early birthday party for Miss Ruth while we are there so she can celebrate with her dad and our family up there. It will be lovely (if it doesnt rain!!)

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