Friday, April 24, 2009

Shopping Bag Sewing Spree!

Today I decided to sew some shopping bags for my market stall. The markets isnt until next weekend but I thought I'd do it now so I could focus on more important market sewing for the weekend etc. I used the Singlet Style Shopping Bag Tutorial that I found on Craftster. I will be painting the web address on all of the bags so that people walking around the market will know to look for me! :)

It was nice to be sewing something different and I have already planned to make myself a new handbag tonight or tomorrow some time as I really enjoyed making a bag. :)


Little Munchkins said...

Great idea for walking advertising!

I have bookmarked that tutorial, grabbed a plastic bag and never did anything more. I really should - I love going to Borders and they charge for plastic bags so it would come in handy.

Marie said...

Looks great - what did you write on the bags with?

Miss Amy said...

I just used paint, and a paint brush but it was a little messy so next time I think I will use a paint pen or stencil it


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