Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fabric Fun!

Well I have busily been buying fabric to make my gorgeous little girl an outfit for her birthday on the 20th of April. I cant believe that she will be 4!!

I got this gorgeous butterfly dot sheeting from Spotlight to make her a twirly skirt. The grape purple cotton is what I will use to make the waist and hem bands. I will be using the white cotton to make her a long sleeved blouse to wear with it. I was going to make a dress, but decided that it was too cold here in Melbourne to wear dresses so a long sleeved top and a skirt will have to do, but I am really excited to be making these things as I have been wanting to use this tutorial for a while and it is also a part of the April Sewing Challenge that I have agreed to take part in on Essential Baby.

Whilst I was at Spotlight buying some of my birthday present fabric I decided to buy some flannel to make the kids some PJ's. I was going to buy 2 different ones to make the kids their own personal pair with a print for them, but Ruth wanted so badly to have a pair of PJ's that match Olly, so I will be making them both a pair of PJ's out of this ducky flannel as per her request.

I also recieved a whole bunch of fabrics from my sister yesterday to make her some nappies and a sling for her new bubba due in June. But I havent taken piccies of it yet! :)

So now the fun part begins!! Pattern Drafting!! I will be drafting a pattern for Ruth's blouse and also the pj's although I will most likely use a pair of Ruth's PJ's and trace them to make her some... just make them longer!!!

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