Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ruthie Turns 4!!!

Ruthie turned 4 on Monday. It was amazing for me to think that the teeny tiny little baby (well not so tiny by most's standards but still....) that I gave birth to is growing into a big girl!!

While we were in QLD just after Easter we had a party with her dad at Sizzler... we did organise to have it at a park, but due to threatening rain we moved it. Can you guess what happened? Yup! didnt rain a drop the entire day!! LOL! We had a good time anyway, and Ruth was just exhausted afterwards...

Opening a present the look of sheer excitement is great!

Very taken by the fairy and squirrel set she got from her dad.

Ruth and I with her cupcakes

Me and Ruthie :)

The Birthday Girl with her cakes :) I did a good job if I do say so myself!

The Bride dress she got for Barbie was the favourite present of the party! :p

My mum didnt end up making it to the party because her partner Pete got bitten by bullants and ended up in hospital with Anaphylactic (sp?) Shock! But she gave Ruth their gift the day before we left to come home. She made her a wedding dress dress-up. Ruth is just obsessed with getting married at the moment so needless to say it took me 2 days to make her take it off!!

We had a party for Ruth when we got home from QLD with Mick's family and our friends Richard and Andy. It was great and I made a packet mix cake with sprinkle icing. I burnt it slightly as per tradition. But as I had no smarties it had to be fairy sprinkles instead. (The tradition is to have a chocolate smartie cake).

Ruth went to kinder on her actual birthday. And she insisted on wearing her party hat and #4 badge. Apparently they sang happy birthday to her with a real plastic cake :).

We got Ruth a toy sewing machine for her birthday. It was the star present and she hasnt stopped playing with it since. She says she's doing work just like mummy. Its cute :)

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Lou said...

Just gorgeous! Love the sewing machine and my girls would just love the wedding dress! TOO CUTE


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