Wednesday, April 8, 2009

WIP Wednesday!

This is my first WIP post. I generally dont do them as I find that I finish things off pretty quickly, but I have a few things on the go today, so I thought I'd share... :D

Firstly, Ive got some longies for Olly on the needles at the moment. This is only the first leg. Its been taking me a while, but Im up to the waistband, so hopefully after our easter holiday of relaxing and hopefully lots of knitting, they will no longer be a WIP, they will be finished!

Next is the twirly skirt Im making for Ruth for her birthday. Unfortunately I have stuffed up the waistband/elastic casing so I am going to have to unpick it and try again so that the elastic fits through, or I may just trim the elastic width so it fits through the hole... the more likely scenario really... lol!

Last but not least is my plan for a blouse for Ruth. Its still an idea right now and I am making it to match the skirt. We'll see it will take a bit of planning and drawing but its looking pretty much like it'll work just fine :)

Okay thats it! other than nappies! lol which is always my WIP...

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