Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Little Place to Call My Own...

Well I have been fighting the need to put up my sewing machine again for the last 4 days. I took it down for Ruth's party on Sunday so my house would look cleaner than it actually was... :p Anyway, the kitchen table looks so lovely without the sewing machine on it all clean and lovely with my beautiful table runner that Heather got us from Thailand that I decided to just make my own little space in the family room to be my sewing space.

I got my card table and chucked the sewing machine and Over Locker on top and strategically placed the coffee table beside it so that the cords wouldnt run on the floor and so that I can put all the things I need on it such as cut out nappies, my snap press and of course my massive bag of snaps!!

Im very excited to have a little 'nook' to call my own space and to not be intruding on our ability to eat as a family at the table anymore... Ruth even did me a couple of originals to put on some formula tins to put my elastic and rulers and scissors etc in.

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Becky said...

How wonderful to have your own space. I can't do much about it here unitl my brother moves out...


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