Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Day at my place...

Today I'm off to get some xrays done on an old knee injury and also get a checkup of my spinal fusion.

Most of you who read my blog aren't aware that when I was 11 I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis and around 11mths after diagnosis I had a spinal fusion with poles inserted so that I would be able to live a normal life. 

This morning I was gathering together all of my old xrays (there is a massive pile as I had to get xrays done every 3mths) to take with me for the xray people to compare today's xrays with and I had a little look through them to make sure they were all in the right envelopes and came across my MRI images from just before my operation.

At the age that I was, I don't remember much about the severity of my condition, I remember being told that it was very bad and not having surgery wasn't really an option. I remember the pain, it was pretty painful as the curve in my spine would get worse all the time. But it just happened, I have never really seen it as a massive big deal. People go through worse right!

So tomorrow I will find out if everything is still as it is meant to be. Sort of something like this....

I have poles inserted from T1-T12 and the front of my spine has been fused also, this was done in 2 seperate operations 1 week apart. I am of course super proud that I was the very first person to have this operation who walked after 10 days (it was only like 50m, but I walked!) I was also the first person not to need a wheelchair for a short period of time after going home (I remember them telling me this and saying it was amazing, I didnt think it was so amazing, I just did it!)

It's pretty scary to go get a checkup done as I am unsure of what to expect, the positive part of me is telling me not to stress out about it! Hopefully tomorrow I will hold in my hands very positive results from that!

Anyway, that is completely not sewing related, but I thought it might be something interesting to read for all of my regular readers, rather than hey look at my new fabric!! Perhaps I am grasping at straws to make sure I have content for Blogtoberfest!

So other than having photos taken of my insides today, I am working on nappies for the Casey Cloth Nappy Expo on Saturday. Some gorgeous little boy nappies with some of the fabric from here

I am also looking after a sick little miss, although I think she may be faking it, I let her stay home because last time I thought she was faking she had a really bad ear infection!

Until tomorrow...

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