Monday, October 18, 2010

Her First time in Cloth

I thought I would share a photo with you that really amuses me. This photo was taken of Miss Ruth when she was 1 week old, had been home from hospital but a few days and was in her very first cloth nappy.

VERY BIG!! I had no idea about the cloth options available to me, in fact they were probably not even being sold yet by most of the sellers that are around today. This photo still makes me smile 5 1/2 years later. I remember how much I was laughing and how hard it was to keep the camera still when I was trying to take the photo! She was so tiny too! and definitely didn't talk back... 

Too Glad that there are gorgeous cloth options available now. As much as this photo is so amusing, pants were definitely not an option that day and I'm glad that now there are nappies available that do fit under pants! (especially living in Melbourne in this cold... yes it is still cold!)


jennifer said...

The nappy all poking out of the cover! Thank heavens for my little sister, who had drilled us in clothiness before Xave came along and had given us some good covers and other nappy things. We've got a gorgeous picture of him about the same age. Mostly nappy, but at least it's a cool one.

Vicki said...

Modern Cloth Nappies have seriously come a long way haven't they? My eldest DD was in MCN and she is just over 6 now and we have similar pictures LOL


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