Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sew Up Wednesday

Today is Sew Up Wednesday. So I am currently TRYING to sew some things up! But right now I'm still cutting.  Does anyone else just get sick of cutting? I have cut for the entire day today, soakers, microfleece, PUL for under Minky and I'm about to cut into some more of the cotton from the other day.

The best part of my day today was heading into Spotlight. Desperate need for more boy fabric... again... And was horrified to not find the clearance bin where it was the other day to get some more of this fabric...

I reached desperation point, cursing myself for not getting more of it last week, and eventually chose a different print that I really wasn't happy with. I was on my way to pay for the other fabrics in my hand and then I SAW IT!! Hidden underneath some random poplin on a shelf nowhere near where it should have been. (Do you think someone else was trying to hide it?) And I snapped up the last 2 meters. Now I have plenty to do some cute little things with and it was still $5 per meter. 

What a wonderful day. Now how to get these children to eat their dinner and go to bed... ARGH!! 

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