Thursday, October 7, 2010

My Creative Space

Well this morning I started cleaning up my creative space, that would be the sewing room, its a complete and utter mess in there most of the time! Sorting out fabric (oh wow! I have so much fabric by the way, I will have to share a photo of that soon) and finding alot of pins!

Anyway, I was almost finished cleaning up and was about to jump on the sewing machine and do some nappies when my posters arrived for RNW so I sat for a few hours preparing them for the MCH offices, shopping centers and library around about to promote the information session we are running on Wednesday next week.

So we are running the session at the Wyndham City Library on Wednesday, all of the info is on the Nappy Network Website. Would love to see you there!

Now back to this...

... massive pile of nappies, I have gotten through some of that now. And will finish it off tomorrow I think ;)

For more creative spaces head over and visit kirsty.

See-ya tomorrow!!

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