Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Creative Space

Whoops! Skipped another day! 

 I mentioned on Tuesday that I am working on some super secret squirrel things for the markets as gift ideas for Christmas. So that is what has been happening in my creative space lately. Lots of sewing, cutting, and thinking of what I am going to do next! LOL!

I have made the decision to go with a little something that looks a little like this...

I will be making baby blankets to try out at the markets and will be taking the first run of them to Eats & Treats tomorrow night as well as to the Monkey Markets on Sunday.

This one is white cotton with a feature strip on the front with minky on the back and is so beautiful and soft. I will be making up a few, mostly with chenille or flannel on the back, and only a couple with minky on the back for now as I am awaiting a shipment of minky at the moment and don't have many big pieces left :p.

They are a beautiful weight for the coming warmer months and are the perfect size for swaddling or using as a cuddle or pram blanket. I am still unsure how much they will be, I am leaning towards something between $30 & $45. Not sure yet, but I will have to decide soon!!

I have a bunch more that are ready to be sewn as well...

So I will have a nice little pile of them with me at the markets this week to see how they go. They are so beautiful, I hope that they go really well so I can keep making them! 

I have also spent the last few weeks dealing with a little problem that we in the nappy world call "wing droop". I had a few comments from one or 2 of my nappy testers and reviewers lately that there has been some small issues with this on their tester nappies, and of course, the perfectionist in me says "AHH, FIX IT!!" So I have spent a couple of days testing out a new front design of some nappies to deal with wing droop.

As usual, the easiest solution tends to be the best, I simply cut the wings off! I am still deciding whether I will reduce the amount of snaps on the front of the nappy to 6, I probably wont as it will reduce the amount of use it gets. (Ignore my pasty white leg in this photo by the way)

What are you doing in your creative space today? Why not head over to Kirsty's and join in with everyone else and share your creativeness with us all :-)

Amy xo

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Kylie said...

:) did not even notice your leg until you mentioned it:) Love that colour - yay to fixing the problem:)


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