Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Naughty Little Blogger!

So I have been MIA the last 6 days. No excuse other than busyness, markets and fighting off the millions of snails in my back yard whilst I ripped out an entire garden bed in preparation for a veggie garden.

I DO have some very secret squirrel thinks that I am thinking about for Christmas which I will reveal later in the week. 

I went to the Nappy Expo on the weekend. My stall was right next to the door, which was great because I got to talk to pretty much every person who came through the doors! It was good to talk to people about their perceptions of cloth nappies as well as what they want to do in cloth nappying their child.

I am working on a little display book as well for my market stall to show off what kind of nappies I have made as well as what I am working on. And also the story of how WeePantz came to be and where we hope to go in the future. It is nice to think about and refocus your energy and attention on what you are doing, 

I find that lately I have become exhausted as I spend the whole day attempting to get work done around School and Oliver so I am also changing my working hours. I had a slight melt down towards the end of last week, about the same time as I went AWOL. As I stood a blubbering mess, my beautiful partner and supporter Mick said to me "you can only do what you can do" and this is completely true. As a perfectionist I tell myself that is a weak excuse for being not good enough in my own eyes. (oh yes that might be pretty harsh, but as i said, I am really a perfectionist, and I wont settle for less than what I expect of myself most of the time)

 I think that as someone who has suffered depression in the past, I need to make sure I work hard to ensure that I stay better! So from now on I will do emailing, take phone calls and do minimal actual crafty work during the day, aside from buying fabric, doing pinning and when Olly decides to nap, doing some website work as well as some cutting. Sewing room time has now become 7pm - 10.30pm giving me the ability to nap when Olly does if I need to, I am going to enjoy motherhood which is why I wanted to stay home and work from home to start with.

I am working on alot of things for the coming week. Along with the secret squirrel stuff I mentioned earlier, I am preparing for 2 markets (I know I just said I was exhausted but once again... work-a-holic and perfectionist).

The first of which is on Friday Night in Carlton, and is a beautiful night out at a cafe called Birdie Num Nums. The market is called Eats and Treats and is donating proceeds to the Royal Childrens' Hospital Foundation in Melbourne. I will most likely donate some of my sales to the hospital as well from orders and sales over $100 as having experienced the wonderful staff at the children's when Olly was in there, and having have met a few of the patients and their parents, it is SUCH a good cause. Tickets for the market are $25 and must be pre-purchased so that the organisers know how many people to cater for! There are a bunch of beautiful stall holders and included in your ticket price is a meal (6 courses I hear) and also a drink of either wine/beer/softdrink. Its actually such a good price for the meal! For more information head over to the Eats and Treats site and email the girls for ticket reservation.

The second Market I am doing this weekend is a Christmas Market run by Monkey markets and is in Eltham on Sunday, I am really looking forward to this market as the other stall holders' items are so so beautiful, and I just stare all day! Its also nice to be in an environment where little babies are coming past your stall :p Baby Gazing Day!!! For information on this Sunday's market, head over to the monkey markets website.

Anyway, so I had best get back to making dinner, Bed time is now 7pm sharp so I have to get dinner finished and the kitchen cleaned before I go in to work. Tomorrow I will share with you some of the other things I have been working on in my hibernation almost week.

Amy xo

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