Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sew Up Wednesday.

It's Sew Up Wednesday again on Crafty Mamas. Last night and today I am (once again) working on a banner for the front of my market tent. 

I have already got a big vinyl banner that I bought at the beginning of the year (before logo changes, so I am close to replacing it) which is great for the front of my table at indoor markets etc. But I want people to see who I am from far away. I do believe that there is something about the name "weepantz" that gets people coming to your stall just so see what on earth you are selling.

Anyway, this is the beginning of it, I have the letters cut out of microfleece and the back is just some poplin I got at Spotlight that was just the right colour. Mind you, I have started this banner 3 times now and not been happy with the end result so it ends up folded and in the corner of my sewing room. 3rd time is the charm right??

This weekend I will be in Werribee for the market by the way, why not head in, details are over on the side ;)

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miss~nance said...

Fellow blogtoberfest participant and first timer to your blog here. Hoping to work my way around all the blogs this month.

Would love you to visit mine


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