Friday, January 21, 2011


Since having my new oven installed earlier this week, I have spent some time rekindling my love of baking as well as getting to know my new oven!

I made raspberry and white chocolate muffins on Tuesday as well as roasted some chicken pieces that night.

I made a quiche for the kids' lunch on Wednesday, which served as a hot lunch for Mick yesterday at work.

Yesterday I made some muesli bars from this recipe...

I followed the recipe this time, but next time I will make it with nut free peanut butter and sesame seeds so its school friendly.

Today's plan is to make cookies...

I've bought the cookie cutters, some squeezy bottles for the kids to use for the icing and am borrowing a recipe from here.

Sounds like an afternoon to keep the kids busy! They will be decorating cookies while I finish off another wholesale order :)

LOTS of fun!!!

I'm also going to roast butterflied veal for dinner. Oh how I love my new oven!!

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