Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Queensland Flood Appeal Auctions

The devastating floods in Queensland over the last few weeks have been very close to my heart as not only did I grow up in Emerald, one of the towns that was heavily affected by the floods 2 weeks ago, I am sitting anxiously as my Brisbane based family is watching the water levels rise. 

So many people have been affected and I have read countless stories of people returning to their homes to find nothing left that can be selvaged. I think that as a community of crafters, we should be rallying our talents and our efforts behind these people and helping them any way we can.

If you have a craft based business or if you would like to help by donating and auctioning a handmade item for the Queensland Government Flood Relief Appeal then please head over to Toni from "Make it Perfect's" blog and reply to this post to express your interest in helping out. 

If you can't help out by auctioning off something handmade, please help out by supporting the various auctions that will be listed on Toni's blog or by donating to the Flood Relief independently.

I will be having an auction here on Monday the 17th of January where I will auction off an item made by me, I am unsure if it will be a WeePantz item or something else yet. I will have to let my creative juices flow on that one and get back to you all!

Thankyou for helping in any way that you can.

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Cloth Diaper Contests said...

Good luck! I've spread the word through an announcement on my blog:



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