Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Weekend...

This weekend is an incredibly long one in our house. Mick is a tradie so he has Saturday through Wednesday off for work so I decided that yesterday I would relax as well. 

As its my first market of the year next Sunday, I thought I might relish in my last weekend off, since I have finished my orders for the week :) So yesterday afternoon, I traced off and cut out this pattern, whilst watching Harry Potter with my family. 

My original plan when I bought this pattern was to make the mini dress. But when I measured myself, I needed to add 3" to the length for it to be the length it was on the cover, so I am making the"dress" from this pattern as it will sit at the mini dress length for me... Oh the joys of being 5'11"!! (I also measure a medium bust, large waist and small hips!... hows that for a weird body shape for you?!?!)

Anyway, so I hope to sew this up today... I also spent yesterday reading this book which I had half finished and lost. But now it is done and I'm onto the next one in the series. I am determined to finish them before the last movie comes out so I know what is happening. I am slightly addicted!

I've also been watching the Auctions very closely :) Make sure you go and bid on them to support this good cause :)

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Carmie said...

I am reading those at the moment too!! I am almost finished number 3 and will move to number 4, no later than wednesday :-)


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