Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Weekend...

Today I am doing alot of market prep. After not doing a market for a whole month, I am really looking forward to tomorrow's Monkey Markets in Eltham, but I also have alot of work to do to get ready such as re-washing and pressing my table cloth, and as I discovered this morning, pressing my bibs.

After sitting in a box for a few weeks they were pretty crumpled, so today I am VERY thankful for my Elna Press. It doesn't make the process any quicker, but it does make it possible to multi-task because while one bib is pressing, I can be doing something else important like making a cup of tea :p

One, two, three... 

Nicely pressed bibs for the market! And I got 2 loads of washing one while I was doing it, and afterwards had time to get some more bibs as well as some nappies pinned together and partly sewn. Better get back to it actually... 

Hope your weekend is lovely, wherever you are. If you are in the neighborhood (or not, I'm definitely not against travelling) make sure you head into the Monkey Markets tomorrow in Eltham.

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