Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Creative Space

Today I am continuing on with orders from stockists as well as some from friends. And I am also preparing some nappies with matching accessories for the auction

I am busy creating time for myself to actually get work done during the school holidays. I feel like every time I go into the sewing room I cant really supervise the kids properly as they are in a completely different room with doors and walls between us. 

So yesterday I just simply decided to move the work to the kids. I set up on the kitchen table and cut some fabric then carted out my sewing machine and got more work done than I would have otherwise. AND the kids were entertained because they had all of their toys, and mummy. So it is definitely the plan for the rest of the holidays. As much as I am creating more work for myself to have to set up and pack up my machines every day, my work time has become more productive which makes it all worth it.

Cutting PUL for Aqua Basics Nappies

I've been nursing a sore finger too.. I busted open the skin on my knuckle when I was cutting through 4 layers of bamboo fabric at once. Perhaps I need an electric cutter, but then I'd probably cut my arm off or something most likely as I am a but of a clutz. Thankfully no blood got on the fabric, in fact it didn't bleed at all....

Today is also my birthday :) The kids have made me some pictures and my Mother In Law sent me a little package which made me feel very special. 

The day has only just begun, but I will most likely spend it working as I said before, lots of work to do and creating to happen! Hopefully I will also enjoy a yummy dinner tonight, that is not cooked by me :-p

Hope you are having a great day and those of you in QLD are safe and dry. 

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Irene aka Minzy said...

Happy Birthday to you, Amy! Did not know you knew about Kristen's MyCreativeSpace too! Speedy recovery and enjoy your evening once again! :)


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