Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Finally, we are back from our 2 week break away in Queensland. It was great to catch up with family and oh my my children were AMAZING!! They didn't whinge about being in the car, and were so well behaved. 

I am still amazed as to how a 2 year old and a 5 year old didn't drive me completely insane with whinging and whining on a trip that was 2 full 12 hour days each way! It was an interesting drive for us as we saw first hand the flood damage in Central New South Wales as we drove by fields which had been turned into inland lakes and encountered a few closed and damaged roads along the way. I thought I had taken a few photos of this, but for some reason cant find them...

I am so very blessed to have a beautiful partner who loves driving and during the whole trip only had to drive for an hour. I really am not a very good long distance driver as I tend to fall asleep, but lasted my short driving stint with the help of a coffee, a bottle of water and interesting stories on Triple J of people's already broken New Years' Resolutions.

On our way to Queensland, we got to stop at "the dish". I have been there before, but Mick and the kids havent so it was pretty informative, and we played with the whispering dishes as well. 

Myself, Ruth and Oliver with "the dish".

Ruth with the Whispering Dish at Parkes

Christmas was great as it was the first time that Oliver really understood the present giving and Santa thing. His excitement at all of the presents he got to unwrap really only half made up for the fact that Miss Ruth was off with her dad for Christmas Day for the first time. I missed her from the second I woke up until I went to sleep every day she was away. I always do, but thankfully I have her back with me now and I can give her as many cuddles and kisses as I want. 

Oliver sure understood what presents are by the end of this massive stack!

There was also a gorgeous Christmas Lunch in my mum's true style which was DELICIOUS!! The only thing lacking was my sister's fantastic potato bake. She is very heavily pregnant and didnt want to stand in the kitchen peeling potatoes for it (might I add that this excuse was only just passable :p)

Christmas Lunch at mum's place

It was wonderful to sit around with my family as I hadn't seen most of them since Easter!

Me sitting waiting to unwrap Olly's presents with him... he opted to open them with Daddy instead lol!!

When we were in Queensland we saw a lot of rain... Not really the sunshine state that week!! and at one stage didn't think we were going to get home as the highway was closed in some areas due to flooding. Thankfully we were able to get home fine with a slight detour on the first day.

Oliver enjoying some ice cream with his cousins Emilia and Charlotte.

On the way home we also stopped in to spend a couple of nights in Bright with Mick's mum. I always love going to her place as the kids are free to run on her massive block and they just love following her around. Oliver in particular just loved spending time with his Granny and shafted both me and Mick on a few occasions!!

When we are in Bright, I can never resist heading into the fabric shop there. I picked up a couple of patterns and a little bit of fabric to keep me occupied until Saturday when I start with WeePantz again.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Holiday too, I hope to update with one project very soon!! Fabric is pre-washed and ready to iron and sew!

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